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Transparency, Traceability, and Certainty are the foundations of our business and our utmost priority. We do not compromise on standards; this ethos frames our thinking and our company.

Our Story
Verity Labs evolved from an idea to solve a multi-faceted problem by providing a platform to eventually end the need for sending petroleum and petroleum testing services outside of Africa.

With access to exceptional in-country talent and expertise, our vision is to connect; infrastructure, capacity development, and partnerships to achieve this.

A team of passionate experts has collaborated on developing a truly independent testing facility which we believe is the beginning of this exciting platform and journey.

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Our Case studies

We understand how products meet or exceed quality, application and longevity requirements and demands.
We go beyond just testing. Our quality management and monitoring systems are designed to meet each customer’s specific need.
Our equipment, analysis and professional opinions can be
used in mediation and arbitration cases.
We consult on fuel blending, fuel quality and proper product storage, defining performance requirements of fuels.

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