The Test Monitoring Center: Connecting Quality to the Automotive Industry

Get ready to witness a harmonious collaboration like no other as we delve into the world of the Test Monitoring Center (TMC). Brace yourself for a journey where standards and consumers join forces, ensuring the quality and reliability of automotive lubricants. Visit us – “Verity Labs“.

In this blog post, we’ll uncover the pivotal role played by the TMC in oil condition monitoring and its remarkable ability to bridge the gap between industry standards and everyday automotive needs. Let’s begin, shall we?

The TMC Jam: A Crucial Link in Standards Development

Picture this: a jam session between standards development and the automotive industry. That’s where the Test Monitoring Center (TMC) steps in, keeping the rhythm steady and the quality standards rocking.

Since 1976, the TMC has been grooving as an independent affiliate of ASTM International. Based in Freeport, Pennsylvania, these cats make sure that automotive lubricant testing stays in tune with ASTM test methods.

The TMC’s main gig is lubricant testing, ensuring that laboratories play by the rules. By supplying reference oils with defined properties, the TMC helps labs calibrate their testing equipment. It’s like tuning an instrument before a big performance; accuracy and consistency are key for a killer show.

Groovy Calibration: The Power of Reference Oils

Let’s talk about reference oils, the unsung heroes of the testing process. The TMC supplies these groovy oils to labs, who then blind test them on their stands. The TMC eagerly awaits the results, making sure the stands are perfectly calibrated. It’s like hitting the right notes in a killer guitar solo: if everything aligns, it’s music to their ears.

Once the calibration is on point, labs can test commercial oils to determine their performance and quality. Consumers can then rock on with confidence, knowing that the labeled oil they buy will keep their engines running like a dream.

Relocation and Expansion: Grooving to a New Beat

The TMC had a major gig change when it ended its partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. But hey, change is good! They relocated to a fresh crib in Freeport, which offers more space to strut their stuff and expand their services. The new joint was renovated and ready to rock when they moved in: talk about a smooth transition!

Frank Farber, the director of the TMC, digs the new place. With room for growth and a sweet location, they’re set to keep the groove going strong. It’s all about creating more opportunities to jam and deliver top-notch services to the automotive industry.

Beyond the Hits: A Multifaceted Session

As part of ASTM’s Laboratory Services Department, they join forces with the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to certify all sorts of gear, from hard hats to football helmets. It’s all about keeping folks safe while they rock their respective scenes.

Their proficiency testing programs (PTPs) are like jam sessions for labs. They send out samples for testing and analyze the results statistically, making sure everyone’s in sync with the ASTM test methods. Training and e-learning courses are also on their playlist, helping individuals get down with the application of ASTM test methods.

Adapting to Industry Shifts

The TMC knows how to stay groovy in a changing industry. They’re always keeping their ears to the ground for shifts in environmental regulations and trends. From emissions to fuel economy, they’re there to help the lubricant industry develop the right tests to keep everyone on track.

And let’s not forget about electric vehicles (EVs). The TMC is amped up with the growing EV market. They’re eyeing opportunities to dive into EV drivetrain fluids and keep the groove alive in the changing automotive landscape. They’re ready to jam with industry partners and keep the beat going strong.

Uniting Industries for a Funky Vibe

The TMC isn’t just a bridge; they’re a whole funky band that connects the automotive and petroleum industries. They make sure petroleum companies have the confidence to rock their engine oils before putting them in the spotlight. And you know what? That confidence flows down to consumers who can rock out with labeled oils, knowing their engines are in good hands.

They bring the standards to life, taking them off the shelf and putting them into action. It’s like turning sheet music into a soulful symphony: it’s all about making the world better and safer, one groovy performance at a time.


From testing to calibration and everything in between, the Test Monitoring Center (TMC) is the ultimate rock star in the automotive industry. Their groovy tunes keep standards and consumers in harmony, ensuring quality lubricants hit all the right notes.

So next time you’re revving up your engine or shopping for oil, remember the TMC and the funky role they play in keeping the automotive industry rocking and rolling. Stay tuned for more smooth moves from the TMC as they continue to jam with the changing times.

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